Farm Hard or Die has two stories.
How it began and why we wanted it.

For us, Farm Hard or Die is much more than a cool logo. It stands as a motto for living independently and working hard while continually striving to be the absolute best you can be in your life’s work. In other words, Farm Hard or Die is a lifestyle brand seeking to remain real, rugged and independent.

How it began:

What it means and why we decided to buy it and develop it into a lifestyle brand.

The logo was inspired by the hard work required to keep a farm running.  The idea was originally started by a big city transplant (who we all consider to be a local) that was more than a little surprised by the day-to-day requirements of running a farm.  It’s probably no surprise that they are pretty busy running their farm.

That’s where we came in:

My sister, Nancy, and I have always loved and supported the concept, from the first kickstarter campaign to coughing up the doh to make it our own in January of 2017.

I'm the kid on top of the hay bale with one boot on and Nancy is the one in the middle below. 

Why buy it?

We both work hard, really hard. The entire concept of developing the phrase as a symbol of a lifestyle that we, as individuals, are striving to live just makes sense to us. 

We grew up on a little ranch just outside of Spokane, Washington. Big farmers might get a chuckle of what we consider “The Ranch”. Nonetheless, it was a ton of work. It was also where we lived out the best years of our youth. It seems we continually make an effort to get part of that life back. This is where Farm Hard or Die came in.

Farm Hard or Die is not just about those who work hard in the field and on the ranch. It represents every husband, wife, child, sister, brother, friend and cousin (the list is long) who understands the perseverance required to live their dreams. We are building this next phase of Farm Hard or Die with the intent to help motivate, recognize and reward a job well done, a life well lived and dreams fulfilled.

We hope you will join us as we grow.

Each month 10% of our pretax profit will be donated to organizations that share the qualities we embrace as a company and in life. 


David Ryan & Nancy Glick