Rebecca's Private Idaho + Farm Hard or Die

10% for the month of September supports three different organizations through Rebecca's Private Idaho (RPI).

Oh, you better believe we'll be there!

Join us Labor Day Weekend in Ketchum, Idaho (or online) and give 10% to RPI's endeavors.

"As much as Rebecca’s Private Idaho is about the ride itself, it’s also about using the bike to do more than just raise heart rates and take in sights. This ride benefits three great organizations that are very close to my heart and, I hope, will become close to yours:" One local, one national and one international.  They are the Wood River Bike Coalition (WRBC), People for Bikes and World Bicycle Relief (WBR). 

Rebecca's Private Idaho

If you want to skip ahead to learn more about her, her ride and the organization you can here. Sappy stuff follows.

Here's the thing. Rebecca's a friend. Don't we all love supporting our friends? But, this isn't just any ordinary friend. When I met Rebecca about 10 years ago she was just launching her professional Mt. Biking career at something like 38 years old. I'm thinking, who does that? Rebecca does that. Now she's a world champion, Leadville 100 multiple champion....the list is long. 

As the years passed I have watched this person who I didn't really know turn into someone I highly respect. Not only did she kick the crap out of women's Mt. biking she shattered the ceiling. We're not super tight, but I'm proud of this woman. She inspires me. I'm always really honored to say I know her but not because she is now a pretty famous biker chick, known as the "queen of pain", but because of how she has used that platform.

I admire her, including every person who works with her and this organization because they have shown what a single force can become. They overcome. They persevere and they are making a difference.

I want to do that. Farm Hard or Die want's to do that.

Read more about what they are doing here. You'll be inspired too. (And, don't think for one second that this is the last time you'll see us support this organization)

Join us Labor Day Weekend in Ketchum, Idaho (or online) and give 10% to RPI's endeavors.