We're extending our support for RIDE for REDD

We want to give them as much money as possible and we need you to help us! Now through the end of June your purchase will help their cause.

These girls (a.k.a. Kick ASS Ultra Brave Women) went through it all to bring your attention to the plight salmon face. 

Follow their story and support them with a purchase!

This  limited edition shirt designed specifically to raise money for the Ride for Redd gang that is out on an epic adventure to bring awareness to the plight salmon are facing. 

$10 from each "Ride Hard or Die" shirt sold will directly benefit Ride for Redd. But, only until they reach Redfish Lake in early June, so get yours on the way and do your part to help save Idaho's salmon population.

In addition, 10% from all other sales will also go to Ride for Redd. 

These brave and passionate women are literally following the route Idaho's wild salmon take FROM THE PACIFIC OCEAN TO REDFISH LAKE, 900 MILES, 3 WOMEN , 6 HORSES, RIDING TO SAVE IDAHO’S WILD SALMON! We couldn't be more impressed with the way they are taking their passion for adventure and putting it to good use. 

" Idaho's Wild Salmon are at risk of disappearing indefinitely. This wouldn't only be detrimental to the environment, but it would also severely impact Idaho's economy. There are many reasons why Idaho's Wild Salmon numbers are dwindling, but the biggest reason is polarization in the United States. We have talked to activists, farmers, barge operators, and the uninformed, and they all have one thing in common: EVERYONE WE'VE TALKED TO WANTS TO DO WHAT THEY CAN TO SAVE OUR WILD SALMON!" 

Follow their journey, support their cause and learn more about Ride for Redd at  https://www.rideforredd.org